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Ayurvedic face massage

Ayurvedic face massage is the procedure performed by the special technique, which was known to the ancient masters of the massage art. The principle of performance of this massage is based on the impact by the classical massage lines onto the special sensitive points, large number of which is located on the face. These points (marma) are considered the accumulation of energy inside the body and are directly linked with all the organs and systems of the body.

It must be noted that Ayurvedic facial massage is a wonderful procedure that allows for the maximum relaxation and helps to enjoy the minutes of tranquillity and harmony. The result: not only the physical, but also the emotional pleasure that helps to feel the joy of life again.

Impact of the massage

Natural oils are used during the procedure – they maximize the effect of massage movements and deeply nourish and restore skin cells. Thanks to the active components included in the massage products, the skin becomes beautiful and healthy, gains an inner radiance.

Confident smooth movements of massage therapists free those emotions, which had been suppressed for a long time, causing the dissatisfaction and a sense of oppression. Even after the first session, many note the clarity of thoughts, a positive view of the world and the increased energy.

Among the most popular and effective oils for the morning sessions are: ground cherry, basil, citrus, althea and rosemary. The evening massage should maximize the relaxation, that is why the priority is given to the coconut, lavender, geranium and rose oils.

Beneficial effect of the ayurvedic facial massage

Through the course of such massage one can achieve the unprecedented results both in terms of improving the well-being and in the treatment of diseases:

  • body gets rid of toxins and waste;
  • sleep becomes deep and strong;
  • the skin becomes more healthy and elastic (lifting effect);
  • eliminated the consequences of stress, tense anxiety and burnout;
  • the mind is cleared and the mental activities increase;
  • dark circles under the eyes disappear;
  • eyesight is becoming more acute.

But you should not expect the immediate results after the first massage procedure. It will help to truly relax and have a great time in the atmosphere imbued with the notes of mystery. The course of three or more procedures is needed to achieve the maximum effect.