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Ayurvedic massage

Individual Ayurvedic massage in Moscow.

Ayurvedic massage is one of the most effective ways to improve the tone of the body and obtain the true delight. This technique was developed in India and for many centuries Indian people apply it before the restoration and full cleaning of the body. The miracle of such procedure is based on many facts and evidence, which contributed to its global dissemination.

Distinctive features of performing the Ayurvedic massage

Natural oil of healing plants are used to ease sliding during massage. Thanks to this, the skin receives the maximum nutrition and moisture that has a significant impact on its look already after the first massage session.
When performing this massage, rubbing of essence oils on the skin must be directed from the heart. The correct execution of the massage technique will allow to get rid of the “orange-peel skin”, will eliminate stretch marks, will make the skin more healthy and tightened. The use of high quality oils guarantees that the skin will get the necessary nutrient elements.

The blood flow and lymph circulation improve thanks to the Ayurvedic massage, which helps body to get rid of toxins and waste.

Impact of the Ayurvedic massage

The impact of ayurvedic massage on the body is very diverse, it incudes among others:

  • increases the blood circulation in the body;
  • improves elasticity of the skin;
  • reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat.

Regular sessions contribute to utilization of toxins, increase immunity, Indian massage has an impact on the respiratory and digestive functions of the body, struggles with the ageing processes, contributes to the normalization of sleep.

The state of people affected by neurosis, migraines, chronic fatigue, degenerative disc disease and obesity significantly improves.

However, besides its curative effect, Ayurvedic massage is a true pleasure. High efficiency of the Indian massage is linked to the appeasing impact on the human mind: a feeling of relaxation and easiness after the session can help to forget about the problems and difficulties of the day.
The internal energy balance, reached during the procedure, will help the person to fight infections and diseases, to cope with the chronic health problems. It is desirable to repeat the procedure regularly in order to fix the achieved results and enjoy the maximum effect of the massage.