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Taoist practice Chi nei tsang

The unique massage practice, named Chi nei tsang, was born in China thousand years ago; it is first mentioned in the book “Tao Te Ching” by Laozi, written around 300 BC. This technique is aimed at the transformation of Qi energy and it has become an integral part of Chinese medicine, which retains its popularity even today.

Special features of the methodology

According to the beliefs of ancient Taoists, the abdomen area of any person over time accumulates negative energy, especially if the person is affected by stress, fatigue, and strain during his or her life. These blocks lead to incorrect functioning of internal organs – various synechias, lumps and all kinds of indurations in the abdominal area.

The main purpose of this methodology is to free the central area of the abdomen of toxins, energy blocks, impaction and strain, which accumulate in this area. This action in the Chinese medicine is referred to as “getting rid of the “evil winds”.

Performance technique

By the method of compression on the predefined spots, located in the area of belly-button, the specialist is able to regulate the inflow of the blood flow and the Qi energy to the imptoperly working internal organs.

The massage is performed as a sequence of procedures and methods aimed at the complete relaxation of the abdomen muscles. After these actions a massage therapist can painlessly penetrate to the area of the liver, kidneys and muscles located on the inner surface of the pelvis.

Whom is this practice for?

  • illness related to problems in the urinogenital sphere;
  • retention of feces and unsystematic defecation;
  • postural abnormality;
  • to save the sexual vigor;
  • in case of pain in the back and pelvis area;
  • In case of pathologies in the stomach or spleen area, pancreatic secretion;
  • waste of energy in the dantyan – the energy centre.

The effectiveness of the procedure

For thousands of years this practice has received hundreds of followers and has become very popular only thanks to the high indicators of effectiveness. It enjoys the demand, because it allows you to:

  • normalize the circulation of qi energy in the body;
  • get a healthy look;
  • minimize the strain of internal systems and organs;
  • increase the immunity;

remove fat in the abdomen.