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The release of qi energy with the help of Taoist massage

The extremely interesting phenomenon, such as a Taoist massage, can be summarized in a whole group of massages. The basis of this teaching is hidden not in the physiological impact, but more on the process of the exchange of energy, capable to restore the functions of the physical body and energy in a short period of time. This practice is based on the teachings of Tao, who assumed that the basis of longevity and health lies in the unhampered flow of the qi energy on by energy channels.

This technique is prescribed for the most diverse disorders, starting from the pathological energy disorders to the inherited gene variations.

Individual Taoist massage in Moscow.

The main objective and indications for the procedure

It is important to remove all obstacles in order to guarantee the free flow of the vital qi energy through the body. It is the massage procedure, which is able to help you achieve the mental equilibrium and pacification, the internal harmony with yourself. This practice is recommended for the people with chronic stress, systematic tensions. In addition, such massage is advised in the cases of:

  • problems in the work of the digestive system;
  • early ageing;
  • neurasthenia, stressful situations of a permanent nature;
  • systematic use of alcohol, smoking and other harmful habits;
  • disturbed sleep.

Beneficial effect

If you trust of the specialist and follow his recommendations, you can restore the correct breathing, activate biological points and achieve high results thanks to the Taoist massage:

  • improved blood circulation;
  • getting rid of dyspnoea;
  • proper functioning of the systems and human organs;
  • improved metabolism;
  • brain oxygen saturation increases.

Branches of the Taoist massage: face, breast and chest

Face massage is considered a separate branch – it allows you to achieve the excellent results of rejuvenation. This procedure is compared with the rejuvenating equivalent, because each massaged area of the face displays the functioning of a particular internal organ.

Ancient massage techniques are also actively applied for the chest. This allows women from China and Japan to maintain the natural beauty of their breasts long enough.

Massage of the breastbone or breast opens a special Cardiac Center and activates the gland, standing out by its core part, in order to rejuvenate the body and strengthen the immunity.