The history of erotic massage

  » The history of erotic massage

Erotic massage. Its roots and essence.

The characteristic of erotic massage and for whom and what purposes it is intended.

Where did the erotic massage come from? The history of the sources indicates the Ancient Greece and Rome, Ancient Egypt, as well as Asia and the Ancient Arab world.

In those distant times people, who paid great attention to their health and body, trained a lot and experienced enormous psycho-emotional and physical loads. It is no secret that different ancient civilizations have developed and created comprehensive therapeutic systems of massage techniques: healers and priests of the past combined their knowledge.

When applying certain techniques, one may experience the rise of important vital energy, i.e., sexual energy; it may sound as a paradox, but it is transformed into a spiritual energy.

Euphoria passes through the whole body. It is possible to get the circulation of energy in the whole body on the right track, if one is able to manage the energy correctly. In simple words: it is necessary to remove blocks that impede the balanced flow of the vital energy. As they are blocking the energy and cause diseases in the physical body.

It was observed that, if before the battle the energy was tempered, the victory was a definite one to come.  After the Gods themselves told to make celebrtions and enjoy the exit of energy, but again the same question – with whom? As a rule, this always was a favorite, close person (wife or your beloved woman), (husband or your loved man).

These are the people who complement you, whom you trust, with whom you can be yourself. The following conclusions will be applicable: those happy couples, who had discovered the essence of the erotic massage, could enjoy each other in sensitive feelings, thereby increasing their internal pleasure before the sexual act. Moreover, in the countries, where any sexual relation before marriage were strictly prohibited, this was the way for two lovers to enjoy each other without the sexual act.

Nowadays erotic massage has lost its original meaning and in some aspects is equated to the mechanical simulation of a sexual act.

Uncontrolled sexual behaviour and wasteful spreading of sexual energy can lead to the reduce of sexual potential, and to further emergence of diseases.

But if you want to learn how to make a true erotic massage, which has its beginning from the origin of the antiquities, our massage therapists are pleased to hold the theoretical seminars and practical workshops for couples, for men and women who want to become closer to each other and explore their full sexual-energy potential by following the ancient traditions of the peoples of the world.

Individual erotic massage in Moscow for men and women. The unique self-knowledge, the disclosure of a coherent, spiritual sexuality.