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Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage

One of the most amazing and attractive services of modern massage salons in recent years is the Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi. This procedure came to us from the hot exotic islands and its history is rooted in deep antiquity.

Individual Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi in Moscow in a charming, relaxing atmosphere at home.

The emotional unity of massage therapist and the customer is the main feature of such massage, because, according to the principle of Lomi Lomi, it is the love, which possesses the healing power. According to this technique, each man originally has the power of healing and recovery, which should be felt and activates by the massage therapist.

Special massage technique

The main task of a massage therapist is to identify the emotional strain of the client by some attributes. Distinctive characteristics can include strain or the softness of the muscles, respiratory rhythm, joint stiffness and much more. According to the results of monitoring, master will immediately act on the emotional, spiritual and physical level.

This ancient technology is capable to combine multiple types of impacts. During the massage, a master provides a deep petrissage of the muscle tissue, heavier impact on the subcutaneous-fat layer of tissue and the effect of lymphodrainage.

In the course of the procedure a master uses many various massage techniques by pressing on the body of the client by his finger cushions, elbows, phalanges, palms and forearms. The combination of such techniques brings the maximum relaxation and helps to get rid of the fatigue and stress.

Opportunities of the Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage

This procedure has a really wide possibilities, as combines the therapy for both body and soul. Thanks to the professional work of massage therapists, a client restores energy balance, regains the joy of life and is able to cope with the large number of diseases. The illnesses, which are actively cured with the help of Lomi-Lomi, include:

  • frequent headaches;
  • nervousness, oppression, stress;
  • problems with blood circulation;
  • high blood pressure;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The treatment of these diseases is only a small part of the problems, which this wonderful and unique Hawaiian massage can handle. A single visit to the massage session guarantees pleasant experience, maximum relaxation and good pastime. With regard to the therapeutic effect, like any other means of treatment, it is recommended to have several massage sessions.