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Eastern methodology: karsai nei tsang

Modern city people believe that all kinds of massage are not only a pleasant pastime and relaxation, but that such procedures are also good for health. Eastern practice karsai nei tsang can help remove the electricity from the whole body, put thoughts in order, and bring peace and serenity into the soul, treating the body at several levels.

Karsai nei tsang massage in Moscow for men individually. In case of the systematic impact and following the prescriptions, the patient will experience the noticeable increase and release of sexual energy. These therapeutic activities help to minimize the appearance of such ills as:

  • impotence;
  • declining or low libido;
  • rapid ejaculation;
  • difficult and frequent urinating;
  • pain during sexual contact.

Also, this technique is able to stabilize hormonal levels, significantly eases lower back pain and raises vitality. In addition, massaging is performed for the preventive purposes to correct the posture and strengthen the pelvis muscles.

Eastern  impact performance technique

Massaging actions are applied in the pelvic area and represent the alteration of gentle touch with a deep touch, straight push, performed by small circular vibrating movements in order to dissolve any vascular depositions in the blood circulation system and get rid of toxic substances contained inside organs, and also to help the client to release all negative emotions, accumulated in this area.

Contradictions to this methodology

Before beginning any preventive activities and treatment by this technique, it is necessary to know that karsai nei tsang is not recommended for the clients, who have:

  • sexually transmitted ills;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • cardiac muscle pathology;
  • high blood pressure or cancer.

The benefits of the Eastern methodology 

Even after several impacts there will be a notable improvement of the overall endocrine profile of the client, as these methods are able to get rid of deposits and blockades on vascular walls, which has a favourable impact both on the brain and the genitals of the patient. Such massage is recommended for the clients slightly older than 40 years old, who have already experience some block of their sexual energy. This is due to the reason that the work and the proper functioning of the genital organs have a profound impact on the physiological, effusive and spiritual condition of the customers.