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The system of the Abhyanga massage

Abhyanga is a separate type of massage technique that gently relaxes and cleanses the body. Special oils are used to increase the effect of the massage – they include medicinal plants and other natural components, having a beneficial impact on the human body.

Abhyanga technology is based on the traditional principles of Ayurveda, the ancient medical system. This science was aimed at studying the “long-life” and, in spite of its centuries-long history, remains popular up to the present day. Moreover, every year the popularity of massage with the use of ayurvedic systems is growing and the number of fans of this procedure increases.

Ancient masters constantly used the Abhyanga massage technique to reach the rejuvenating, general strengthening and toning effect. This massage is famous for that it is able to return the joy of life, ease, and freshness.

What impact does the Abhyanga massage have

The skin is a protective barrier of the human organism – it is possible thanks to the special nourishing secret produced by the skin. However, soap and other cleaning cosmetics wash out this protective layer, making the person defenseless against all kinds of harmful influences. Abhyanga massage is one of the effective means to restore the balance.

The use of the curative natural oils not only contributes to the regulation of a secret, but also increases the blood circulation in the respective tissues. The impact is made on the skin itself, on the subcutaneous layers, and muscles – it explains the comprehensive impact of the massage techniques on the body as a whole.

What does the Abhyanga massage give 

The smooth movement of the massage therapist’s palms, supported by curative properties of Ayurvedic oils, contribute to the deep relaxation and numerous changes in cells of the skin, muscles and organs. As a result of this:

  • the sleep becomes more deep and waking up is now pleasant;
  • the nervous system gets normalized;
  • the body gets rid of toxins;
  • the skin becomes more elastic;
  • immunity increases;
  • blood pressure normalizes;
  • pain in joints passes off;
  • ageing of tissues slows down by improving cell regeneration;
  • lymph-system clears;
  • weight reduces;
  • working efficiency increases.

It should be noted that a single procedure gives only a temporary relief. In order to correct the imbalance in the organism and to achieve harmony it is recommended to complete the course, consisting of 3-5-7 sessions.