The notion of exotic massage

  » The notion of exotic massage

The modern exotic massage

Massage, the techniques of which are different from the classic impact, is called an ‘exotic massage’. There are hundreds and thousands of types, because each ethnic group welcomes the own philosophy of the energy-manual impact on the body. The most popular ones are Thai methods, Hawaiian systems, massage program from Japan and China, African massage system, etc.

Thanks to the exotic types of massage actions, massage therapists are able to affect particular muscles, increase vitality, strengthen health, extending the youth and flourish condition of the skin without use of any medical drugs.

The types of impact

System approach to the indivisible holistic human organism makes the basis of the effectiveness of the sessions of exotic massage. They have proved their effectiveness in active practice by allowing to not only have a positive impact on the health of a person, but also by influencing the psycho-effusive condition of the organism, normalizing yin and yang, achieving the spiritual and material harmony, as well as restoring the vitality.

From the point of view of the classical impact, performance of exotic massage is carried out with the use of various strange devices: stones, bamboo sticks, herbal bags, resonance bowls, etc.

Technique and impact

The main aim of any exotic massage is to get rid of the pain, support health, supply the energy, relieve the joint and muscle strain.

Performance technique is often based on the stimulation of the corresponding places or points that are related to a certain body part or organ. The main secret of such methodologies is to preserve the sequence of actions and the unique strength of the impact.


The modern most popular exotic massage techniques include:

  • Amma.
  • Mexican program succulent massage – agave cactuses.
  • Tui na.
  • Tibetan honey massages.
  • Tsu reflexology.
  • Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian methodology.
  • Ayurvedic massage.
  • Thai exotic massage with herbal bags.
  • Bamboo sticks.
  • Foot Massage – foot of the Buddha.

The diversity of the impact methods on the body and mind allows you to choose the best option for the relaxation, as well as to experience the unique types of exotic massage.