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Relaxing massage

The beginning of the history of the relaxing massage is rooted in the ancient civilizations. Such as the Ancient Greece and Rome, Egypt and the Arab world, South-East Asia. The Rome doctor Galen has developed the Rules for the massage. In those times it was one of the necessary body recovery methods  for gladiators. Avicenna, the doctor from the Arabian world, is similar to Galen. He developed methods of removing the muscle fatigue and ways for organism to clear from the accumulated waste products. When the Christianity spreads in Europe, relaxing massage becomes forbidden for a certain time. After some time, relaxing massage again appears for theraputic purposes during the Renaissance era.

Let us review the relax massage and its several types:

  • Complex with the use of aromatic oils, fragnance, spa cosmetics, with calming creams and herbal balms.  A massagee (patient) lies on his or her back. Massage session has several directions: 1) From head, face we move by the meridians of a person, stopping and giving the necessary time to the vital points of the body (method of points-lines with stroking and simultaneous dropping of the unnecessary energy). This way we move to the feet. A massagee (patient) rotates to lay on his or her stomach. Continue moving from stop to head, including the entire rear surface of the body, the arms and hands, technology is the same.
  • Relaxing massage with an Indian basis, aimed at the relaxation of not only the entire body, but also the mind.  A massage session can begin both from the front surface of the body and from the rear one, depending on the current state of the massagee (patient). Hot oil with soothing essential oils is used in this massage type. Movements technique: slow circular movements with pressing on the necessary energy points; continuous movements (not local ones), to the very centre of the head (or to the feet, is movements started from the head); excess energy should be dropped with the oil. This type of relaxing massage provides for the rapid internal balance and the harmonization of consciousness.
  • Relaxing face massage, anti stress for the facial muscles.  The skin is cleared, freshened and tightened in a natural way. In addition, the spa components help to achieve the fast visual effect. The ultimate objective of the relaxing massage is aimed at preventing the destructive processes inside the body, normaizing the metabolism, toning up and balancing the general condition of the body and mind.

These types of relaxing massage are ideal for both men and women.

Individual relaxing massage in Moscow. Massage for men.

Allow yourself to relax and escape from the everyday anxiety, make a stop and enjoy in the hands of an experienced master. It is time to relax – the time for a relaxing massage session.