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The unique Indian practice, represented by Thai massage

Individual Thai massage in Moscow for men and women.

Thai massage, which was born in India more than twenty centuries ago, today enjoys the great popularity. The basis of the methodology includes the practices of Chinese medicine and the teachings of the ancient Indian healing system – Ayurveda. As the majority of Eastern practices, it is based on the principle of recreating the energy balance in a human body.

Individual Thai massage in Moscow.

Special features and the principle of performance

Thai system of healing aims to the unity and interaction of the master with the energy body of the massagee. This is achieved through a variety of methodologies, deep compressions on the muscles, stretching, reflexology, full intensification of the energy flow and acupressure.

The main difference from the classic massage, in which the main attention is given to the mechanical impact, is that the Thai practices are based on the compression on the special nerve cell clusters. Vital energy constantly circulates through the energy channels. Thai massage allows you to release and remove the blocks that prevented the correct flow of the energy.

When is Thai massage recommendede

Yoga-massage is considered healthful and unique; therefore, it is suitable for virtually everyone. Especially it is useful to people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, as well as recommended in case of:

  • Frequent head aches, having a chronic nature.
  • Systematic fatigue.
  • Quick fatigability.
  • Muscle spasms.

Insomnia and depression.

The impact of the Thai healing practice on the body

The procedure of Thai massage involves the physical impact on the foot and hands, which are known to contain the distinctly localised projection of basic human internal organs. This method helps to:

  • get rid of stress;
  • renewal of the internal power;
  • normalize the blood circulation;
  • remove strain from muscles;
  • mentally relax;
  • increase the mobility of the joints;
  • open the energy channels.

Performance technique

During the implementation of Thai methodology, a master uses not the traditional massage techniques, but the passive yoga methods: pressing, stretching and twisting, manipulating each muscle, joint, and finger. The procedure starts with warming-up the feet; these manipulations can be performed by any part of the body, including the entire surface of the massage therapist’s body.