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The unique self-knowledge – Tantra massage

An age-old method from the ancient eastern cultures, Tantra massage, was created hundreds of thousands of years ago for the sake of deep and corporal health. The main direction in the massage from the New-Age and Neotantra ideology is the Tantra massage, which should not be confused with an erotic impact on the body. This practice is based on the energy release, the full recreation of the psycho-emotional condition, the highest method of impact on the sensitive areas.

Main objectives of the Tantra massage

At first, this method is based on the therapeutic impact, effectively engaging nerve endings in the massage. The unique practice allows to feel not only the relaxation of the body, but also the relaxation of the soul, and is suitable for both female and male clients. Because of tantra-massage a person feels:

  • recovery;
  • sense of peace;
  • rejuvenation;
  • release of the suppressed feelings.

Tantra massage technique

The technique of this practice, so similar to the elements of Yoga, emphasizes the energy interaction between the partners. Physical unity is accompanied by sliding, pressing, crushing, stroking of soft tissues, lubricated with oil. Complete relaxation and spiritual release together with a tantra massage session can bring a deep feeling of appeasement, rejuvenate body, as well as cure from the specific diseases.

Tantra massage begins with a gentle stroking of the feet, slowly moving to the top. Warming-up the body by a warm touch, massage therapist changes the deepness and the intensity of the impact from time to time. Special attention is paid to the lumbar area and the tailbone, which accumulate the sexual energy of a person. A light massage of the neck, shoulder blades and shoulders allows you to release from the accumulated load. We cannot forget about the hands, which according to the ideologies contain erogenous channels of the heart.

Tantra massage – relaxation for all

Individual Tantra massage in Moscow.

Light and delicate touch, organized on the interaction of the energies are considered the ideal solution for the men and women, who are tired of the everyday vanity and feel the mental and corporal heaviness. On the sophisticated energy level, Tantra massage allows you to get rid of stress, free from the negative mood, open previously unexplored erogenous areas and enjoy the pleasant moments.