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Tibetan oil massage Kunye

The history of this unique eastern practice has more than 3 thousand years The Kunye technique in translated from the Tibetan as “oil treatment”. Connection of a multiple procedures with medicinal oils from the various herbs is considered to be the basis of this methodology. Healthy body in Tibetan medicine is considered as a fruit of assonance of thin energies; when there is no balance in the organism – diseases appear. It is the massage of this practice, which is capable to restore the harmony, because Kunye includes a wide range of procedures: yoga-massage, massage with oil and others.

What is the benefit of the procedure?

This procedure is a true gift for modern citizens, as in addition to the preventive effect, it allows you to save the level of the sacred energy of your body, to extend the youth and health, to save the true beauty.

Individual Tibetan massage in Moscow for men and women in a unique, exotic atmosphere at home. Adherents of healthy lifestyles prefer this Tibetan method, considering it an excellent tool for relaxation.

The effectiveness of the use of this massage technique:

  • stress release, relaxation and appeasement;
  • acquisition of psychological excess;
  • getting rid of insomnia and hypermotivity;
  • toning of the whole system;
  • removal of spasmodic pains in the neck, back and lower back;
  • intensive rejuvenation, skin tightening;
  • beneficial impact on the hair and nails;
  • strengthening of the immunity;
  • improved metabolism, and the positive impact on the shape and posture;
  • anticellulite effect.

Whom is this massage for?

It is considered that the Kunye technique is recommended to all age groups due to its softness. It can be applied even to children, starting from the age of five, and to pregnant women as a means of positive rest and relaxation. People who experienced cerebral accidents or heart attacks are also directed to this massage. This practice is considered to be effective for the people after heavy childbirth and diseases.

The massage procedure 

The average duration of a session equals to two hours, assuming the separation of the oil relaxation into the following stages:

  • The first stage is called “Ku”. It is accompanied by the application of oil, warming effect and the restoration of static joints.
  • The “Nye” phase includes kneading with the use of effective methodologies, influencing tendons, muscles and skin.

On the last phase (“Chi”) the master removes excess oil.