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The ancient Chinese point massage methodologies

A unique method of massage treatment appeared thousands of years ago on the territory of the modern Japan, China and Mongolia; it was based on the impact on the special “life” points, associated with the internal organs and systems. Following the practice of the pressure point massage, masters did not only improve the overall condition of their clients, but also restored the proper functioning of body organs.

Special features and the basis of the methodology

Point massaging, known as the branch of the therapeutic method of the Chinese chen-tzu medicine, represents the manual impact strictly on the particular areas of the body, which number more than 1500, by using the hands and fingers of the massage therapist. The previous name of the practice, which was a basis for the point massage – acupuncture, or better known for people as “needle therapy”, which represents inserting special needles into the point. A pressure point massage without needles implies pressing on these points and is named “acupressure”.

The Chinese therapy: prescription

Acupressure is considered a simple and low-risk treatment method that is the more close to the traditional medicine. It is often compared to rubbing, whipping by switches in sauna. In terms of efficiency – this therapy has shown the best results against:

  • systematic headaches and spasms;
  • radicular pain and backaches;
  • stomach diseases and failures in the work of pancreas;
  • intercostal neurosis.

Points in practice

If the total number of points reaches one and a half thousand, there are about seven hundred biologically active bands, including about one hundred of the most popular ones. Each of these reflectory interrelations is connected with an important organ in the human body. The most “demanded” points in the acupressure massage are the following:

  • on the palm;
  • on the feet;
  • on the head;
  • on the face.


Of course, you should trust to perform the pressure point massage only to a true expert, who is familiar with the location of the points according to the Chun methodology, and has the appropriate knowledge and certificates. If the professional has correctly identified the points and works with them by the method of vibrations, gripping, stroking, rubbing and pressing, the client should feel acute pains, some numbness, and rubbing. Such sensation are considered normal, as well as the accompanying pain syndrome (of course, it should be bearable and within norms). The true professional can even identify the chronic diseases of the corresponding organs by the pain-points.